Writing for ‘3 Quarks Daily’

If you’re like me, you probably find keeping up with the best writing on the web a daily struggle. That’s why Arts & Letters Daily is such a key site for me and so many others, trying to read and share great articles. Inspired by the aggregator model, S. Abbas Raza founded 3 Quarks Daily in 2004, but with the aim of bringing both humanities and scientific articles onto the same platform.

The model has proved a great success and eventually the site began bringing on writers to produce original articles every Monday. I was recently chosen to be one of the new Monday Columnists and wrote my first article last month on why literature has less and less influence on the larger culture. I did it through the lens of examining recent literary memoirs by Sergio Pitol and Edmund White. Please check out the article and look for a new piece by me every third Monday the month.

Edmund White during his Paris years (photo by Grant Delin)