The Future of ‘Jobs’

“Job creation is a false idol. The future is about gigs and assets and art and an ever-shifting series of partnerships and projects. It will change the fabric of our society along the way. No one is demanding that we like the change, but the sooner we see it and set out to become an irreplaceable linchpin, the faster the pain will fade, as we get down to the work that needs to be (and now can be) done.”  –Seth Godin

Sir Ken Robinson on Finding Your Passion

Although I’m tempted to call this talk by Sir Ken Robinson “Humanism Gone Wild”–for Robinson surely views mankind as an immanently perfectible being if only given the right sort of parental and societal support (I don’t share this view )–it is too engaging and interesting a lecture not to recommend to everyone.

I’d also like to recommend an interview with Robinson on the fine radio program “Radio Open Source” hosted by Christopher Lydon. Please watch the Robinson lecture here: